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30 Day Drabble Challenge (that I never finished):

Day 1 - Rantipole (Chen/Xiumin; pg-13; 647 w.; romance)
Minseok and Jongdae leave everything behind on their roadtrip with no regrets.

Day 2 - Desolation (Taemin/Kai; pg-13; 600 w.; general)
Taemin's lonely at a street party until Jongin comes along.

Day 3 - From Pain to Happiness (Luhan-centric; g; 950 w.; angst)
Luhan just wants everyone to be happy.

Day 4 - Snowflake (Lay/Luhan; g; 358 w.; fluff, general)
Luhan likes to make hot chocolate.

Day 5 - Good Morning (Kris/Luhan; 210 w.; nc-17; smut)
Yifan loves mornings.

Day 6 - Flame (Jongin/Luhan; 200 w.; nc-17; smut)
Luhan always tries to refrain from telling the truth.

Day 7 - Kai and Black Suits (Kai, Kyungsoo; 254 w.; pg-13; general)
Kyungsoo loves Jongin in a suit.

Day 8 - Companion (Chen/Xiumin; 312 w.; g; general)
Jongdae and Minseok are each other's strengths.

Day 9 - Move (Kai/Lay; nc-17; 247 w.; smut)
Yixing likes to tease.

Day 10 - Silver (Kris/Lay; 162 w; nc-17; smut)
Kris is tired of Lay's antics.

Day 11 - Prepared (Kai/Sehun; 186 w.; nc-17; smut)
Jongin is a tease and Sehun hates him for that.

Day 12 - Knowledge (Suho-centric; 500 w.; g; general, slight angst)
Joonmyun wonders if all this training he endured for seven years was a waste.

Day 13 - Denial (Kris/Tao; g; 273 w.; general, slight angst)
Zitao knows he'll always have a special place in Kris's heart.

Day 14 - Summer Mornings (Chen/Xiumin; nc-17; smut)
Jongdae loves mornings.

Day 15 - Order (Suho/Sehun; 366 w.; g; fluff)
Sehun likes to order Suho around, because he can.

Day 16 - Sick Feelings (Baektao; g; 380 w.; fluff, slight angst?)
Baekhyun loves it when Zitao clings to him.

Day 17 - Of Caramel Macchiatos and Apologies (Suho/D.O; 297 w.; pg-13; humor)
Kyungsoo demands an apology but Joonmyun absolutely refuses to give one.

Day 18 - Summer (Tao-centric g; slight angst; general)
Walking on the beach alone is the perfect remedy for Zitao.

Other drabbles:

Domination (Kris/Tao; nc-17; 350 w.; smut)
Tao thinks he finally has Kris under his skin

Sorrow (Kris/Tao; g; 332 w.; angst)
Wufan hates crying, he really does

Making History (Kris-centric; Kris/Tao; Kris/Lay; g; general, angst)
In which Yifan breaks down into bits and pieces during and after the Billboard Awards.

I'm Coming! (Sehun/Luhan, PG-13; failed humor, general)
Because Luhan and Sehun are horny little dolphins and Yifan wants to kill them for that.

Just Perfect (Xiuchen; g; general, slight angst, slight fluff)
Minseok has too many insecurities and too many things to live by but Jongdae thinks he's absolutely perfect.

Too Much to Handle (Tao/Kris humor; pg-13)
Kris is so handsome that Tao could just punch him in the face. Literally.

Never Let You Go (Tao/Luhan; g; general; slight fluff)
Zitao's suffering from fatigue and everyone just wants to make him feel better, especially Luhan


Sweet Surprise (Kai/Kyungsoo; PG-13; romance)
Kyungsoo’s surprise for Jongin goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Of Handjobs, Avocado Masks, and Mandarin Lessons (Kris/Chen; NC-17; smut, humor)
Chaos ensues when Yifan doesn’t know how to act when around Jongdae so Yixing steps in to help.

Risqué (Baekhyun/Chanyeol; NC-17; smut)
Chanyeol can safely say he hates Baekhyun.

Punishment (Chen/Xiumin; NC-17; smut)
Jongdae didn't think Minseok would get this upset.

How to Become Tumblr Famous (Kris/Lay; implied Sehun/Luhan; pg; humor, crack)
Yixing finally makes a tumblr account and Jongin, Luhan, Tao, and Minseok give him tips on how to be famous.

Like a Doll (Sehun/Luhan; nc-17; romance; smut)
Sehun's the manager of Macy's and Luhan is his personal mannequin, completely still and unbelievably gorgeous.

Because Self-Control is Hard (Chen/Xiumin; pg-13; humor)
Jongdae can't stop staring at Minseok and everyone is freaked out by it.

Pros and Cons of Being Tumblr Famous (Kris/Lay, Sehun/Luhan, Kai/Kyungsoo; pg-13; humor, crack)
Yixing is finally Tumblr famous after becoming Kris's boyfriend but there are some pros and cons involved.
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